If you know anything about non-profit organizations, then you probably are familiar with the good-cheap-quick triangle. The ‘rule’ is that in non-profit management you can only have two of those three legs at any time. It can be quick and cheap, but it won’t be good. It can be quick and good, but it won’t be cheap. Or it can be good and cheap, but it won’t be quick. The parish center bathroom renovations fell into that final category. It was nearly a two year process from design stage to completion. What an incredible job done by ALL to re-make those spaces into areas that we can be proud of. (Inasmuch as anyone is proud of a restroom facility…) A full list of everyone who had a hand it this will come out soon, but now that they are fully operational, I just wanted to say THANKS to one and all for a job well done.

Secondly, I want you to know how good God continues to be to the people of St. Ann parish (and its pastor.) Fr. Ron Chochol moved into the neighborhood about 8 months ago. He has done a few stints working with retirement communities in the area and beyond. And now, he has decided to enter into ‘retirement’ from any official assignments from the Archdiocese. But, because of his proximity to St. Ann (he lives across the street practically) he has volunteered to help out with the weekend mass schedule. And he has also agreed to give me ‘first right of refusal’ for subbing weekdays when I am on vacation or retreat. So, beginning January 1, Fr. Ron will be rotated into the weekend mass schedule, saying one of three weekend masses from here. He also plans to help out my brother priests in the same predicament, who need someone to fill in while they are gone. So make sure that you give him a warm St. Ann welcome when you meet him next…

Finally, just a heads up about the Christmas and New Year’s Mass schedule. Masses for Christmas will be held on Christmas eve at 5:00 pm, with carols starting about 4:30. Midnight mass will be at 12 am, with carols starting about 11:30 pm. And mass during the day will be at 10 am. On New Years, the feast of Mary, the Mother of God, we will have an anticipated mass on Monday, Dec. 31, at 5 pm, and Mass on Jan. 1 at 10 am. Also, we are in need of volunteer servers for all these masses. Please let Pat Marstall (385-5090) know asap.

Because of these holidays falling on Tuesdays, dead-lines to get things into the bulletin are pushed up significantly. Please speak with Pat Marstall if you think/know you are going to need some space to find out when items are due

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