Did you know that the first Christian martyr, St. Stephen, ordained at the hands of the Apostlesas one of the first seven deacons, lived and died proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ? In thelast four decades, hundreds of men have proclaimed the same Gospel with their own lives, livesof loving service that have in turn changed countless other lives for the better. Called by Christto minister to the people of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, our Deacons are preaching God’s Wordto us, praying fervently for us, and caring compassionately for us each and every day. And eachyear, many men discern that same call and begin the process of formation that, God willing,leads to ordination as Deacons. Can you help support these men as they discern God’s will intheir lives? Deacon formation in the Archdiocese relies heavily on the support of this year’sannual Deacon Formation Collection, held this weekend in our Parish. Please be as generous aspossible. God bless you for your support!

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September 5, 2010

Dear Friends in Christ,

I appeal to you today to give generously to the National Collection for The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.

Catholic University is unique as the national university of the Catholic Church and the only higher education institution founded by the U.S. bishops and chartered by the Vatican.  As such, it has a special responsibility to educate future leaders for our Church and our nation.  In this sense, The Catholic University of America belongs to all of us in the Church, regardless of where we live.

The financial sacrifices required of Catholic parents to provide a truly Catholic college education are enormous.  All of the funds received through this collection underwrite the financial aid program at the university.  Simply put, your contributions directly benefit students at Catholic University from all over the United States, including our own archdiocese, by funding scholarships for those who would not otherwise be able to attend.  Last year, nearly 3,000 students at CUA received scholarship support through the funds raised via the National Collection for Catholic University.

Students at Catholic University receive personalized attention in a wide variety of programs, combining an excellent liberal arts curriculum with courses in their major fields of study. Grounded in the philosophy of the Catholic intellectual tradition, these students are well prepared for success in life and ready to make a difference in today’s world.

Thank you for your support of The Catholic University of America.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Robert J. Carlson

Archbishop of St. Louis

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