Gifts that will keep on giving…

It has been a busy month in the ‘St. Ann Church Goods Department’. Marie (Mims) Gagnepain (our centenarian + three) donated a chalice and paten that had been given to her and her husband on their 60th anniversary of Marriage. The chalice bears a simple inscription: Marie and Charles Gagnepain, 1930-1980. I am happy to work it into the rotation of chalices for our daily masses for distribution of the Precious Blood.

For the observant who attend the weekday masses, you notice that the main chalice, given to me by my uncle, Fr. Wally Boul, remains a constant. The other chalices come from the Knights of Columbus. (and now Mims G.) There is a custom, upon the death of a 4th degree Knight, to have a chalice made in their honor, engraved with “In Your Charity, Please Pray For Sir Knight” and the name of the decedent, and presented to the priest or religious institution of the family’s choice. The Sir Knight is remembered at every Holy Mass in which the chalice is used at the consecration of the precious blood. (I was to have this particular chalice presented to me this Tues. morning, but the Knight involved had an unexpected conflict this morning.) My understanding is that the chalice is engraved in the name of Phyllis Schmidt, mother of former Knight Tom Schmidt and current parishioner Anthony Schmidt. (But I won’t know until I am presented with the actual chalice.) Thanks to the family for their gift which also will be put into the rotation.

Finally, in a different type of remembrance, it was the wish of Don Muckerman, Sr. (and Celeste Gleason) to make a donation for needed items for the church in Betty’s memory. After consultation, we came up with three items that I hope will enhance the worship experience of the congregation. The first is a replacement of the wireless microphone that the priest uses when at the chair, altar and preaching in the aisle. (The current one is being held together by guerilla glue.) The second is a new mixing board for the choir microphones and instruments.

The final piece is a hearing assist system, which, as I understand it, will enable folks with newer hearing aids (with something called a T-Coil) to wear a belt pack and then a ‘ring’ around their neck that will allow their own hearing aid to tune into everything coming out of the speakers. There will also be other devices with direct earpieces for those with regular hearing aids, or who do not have any devices at all. Once installed, we’ll figure out the system for people to make use of these hearing assist devices. Thanks to Don and Celeste for their gifts. I am sure Betty is smiling in heaven…

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