Marriage Prep

Marriage Preparation

The Catholic Church takes marriage very seriously, and we promise to take your marriage seriously.  Your decision to marry, to commit yourself to love one another for the rest of your lives, is a beautiful blessing.  Marriage is a call to a lifestyle of love, one that is grounded in the love of God and spent in service to others.  By this committed love for each other, you will be building and nurturing the kingdom of God, in your children, each other, and yourselves.  We celebrate your decision to undertake this permanent and faithful union.

As part of our commitment to you, your celebrant, the parish, and the Archdiocese ask that you complete certain activities to better prepare yourself for marriage, to live out the commitment you are seeking to make. All parishes in the state of Missouri have a common set of guidelines. These guidelines and policies are rooted in our and the Church’s concern for your marriage, and born of many combined years of experience.  We hope that as you prepare for your wedding day, you have a fruitful time of preparation for your marriage, a time of growing peace and love.

The first requirement is meeting with a parish priest. To marry at St. Ann please contact Fr. Nick Winker, Pastor 314-450-4855. You must begin working with a priest or deacon at least six months before your wedding. You can learn more about the Archdiocese’s program of marriage preparation here:

Wedding Guidelines

These practical guidelines and policies are rooted in our dedication to the sanctity of your marriage and considerations born of years of experience.

  • All parishes in Missouri follow The Common Marriage Policy for all Dioceses in the State of Missouri which lays out the requirements for marrying in the Catholic Church. Couples are to complete the program for marriage preparation laid out in that document under the guidance of a priest or deacon, usually the presider for the wedding.
  • Weddings, while the can be celebrated on any day, are ordinarily celebrated on Friday evenings and Saturday morning/afternoon, most commonly Saturdays at 1 or 2 p.m. Scheduling is subject to availability. Weddings are scheduled through the pastor. Please check to make sure the church is available before scheduling any other wedding commitments (reception hall, photographer, etc.) On Saturdays, weddings may not start any later than 2 p.m. All wedding activities must be complete before 3:45 p.m. on Saturdays. According to the Common Marriage Policy of all diocese of the State of Missouri a wedding date is not considered final before completion of a pre-marriage inventory.
  • Music for a Catholic wedding must conform to the sacred character of the event. Prerecorded music is not allowed. The presider of the ceremony (the priest or deacon) is the one who has the final authority to decide on the appropriateness of a piece. You may choose to employ our parish organist, Millie Kimmick: 314-497-6628, or arrange for your own musicians, provided they are familiar with Catholic weddings.
  • Photographers must not become a distraction during the. wedding ceremony. Photographers are not allowed in the sanctuary (raised area) and flashes and camera lights may not be used during the ceremony. Movement should be kept to a minimum. Videographers should be stationary, preferably in the organ loft or on one of the side aisles. Again, the presider will decide what is permitted.
  • Altar servers enhance the dignity of the celebration. For a celebration outside of Mass, you do not need serves, for a celebration within Mass there should be two servers. You may ask family members or friends who have been trained as servers or request that the parish schedule servers.
  • Only fresh flowers and live plants are permissible on the altar. Tape may not be used to attach any items to the pews or to any wood surface. Flowers may not be placed on the altar itself.
  • Absolutely no rice, confetti, birdseed, balloons, nor any other item may be thrown and/or released in the Church or on its grounds.
  • There is a fee of $300 for non-parishioners or $150 for parishioners for the use of the church, which is payable prior to the day of the ceremony.
  • No alcohol is to be consumed on campus prior to the ceremony.
  • Brides may use the “cry room” to dress and prepare. The Assembly Room may also be used, subject to availability.