Thanks – outgoing…

Last week, I kept you abreast of some of the incoming “Thank You’s” we had received here at St. Ann. This week, I have a few outgoing “Thank you’s” to express in your name. …

If you have driven behind the rectory to the lower parking lot, you will notice a lovely green archway that adorns the flat ground just before the creek, on the left side of the road leading into the cemetery. The arch itself and the sign that will soon complete it is a gift from the Pasadena Hills Garden Club, compliments of the hard work of Mary Habel and Dee Pollaci. The archway had been purchased last spring, and was stored in the rectory garage sub basement. It awaited some loving care in terms of priming and painting with a waterproof paint.

Several times this past month, I would hear male voices echoing from one of the closets in my room. It took me a bit, but eventually I realized the voices belonged to John Schulte and Bob Beckring and that their voices were carrying up the laundry chute into my closet. (I do admit, I was relieved once I realized that I wasn’t ‘hearing voices’ that weren’t there, nor was the ghost of Fr. Ottoline making his presence known.) And then, on a warm Saturday morning, John, Bob and Don Davenport poured the footings and set the arch permanent-ly in the ground. It took the sharp eye of Pat Williams to point out the typo on the sign, but once it is returned from the painter, we will have a sign worthy of the history and longevity of the cemetery. Thanks to one and all on a job well done.

Though we are not quite done with the men’s bathroom renovation in the parish center, allow me to say thanks to Mel Husmann who has kept the project moving forward and laid the tile in the section of floor destroyed when we had to replace the leaking trap, and Alan Zagurski who made the terrazzo floors shine as if brand new. A quick visit from the plumber to install the new fixtures, a day or two of work from Mel, Don Davenport, and Gene Groen to install the new partitions, and hola, a world class (if one can use that title when referring to restrooms) newly renovated set of restrooms, befitting our St. Ann Parish Center. Thanks to all who had a hand, no matter how small or large in the great project. What a gift this will be to future generations of St. Ann parishioners, families and friends.

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