Safe Environment Program

Safe Environment Program for Adult Employees, Volunteers, Religious, Priests and Deacons

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The program requires that all employees, volunteers, religious, priests and deacons who work with or near minors, who would participate in an overnight program with minors, or who would be on a list of persons eligible to work with minors, even if it is not known whether or how often he/she would actually be scheduled, must do the following:

  • attend a Protecting God’s Children workshop and agree to view online training updates every three years thereafter
  • agree to undergo a national background screening that evaluates any history related to criminal charges, and agree to regular updates of the background screening every three months
  • agree to provide a hard copy or electronic signature to the Ethical Code of Conduct for Clergy, Employees and Volunteers Working in Ministry

Sexual Abuse Prevention Training for Adults—Protecting God’s Children

This program provides education regarding what signs to look for in the detection of abuse, both in circumstances and events which might indicate abuse as well as signs in the minors themselves. Training will be renewed online every three years. Sign-up online.
Individuals who are victims of sexual abuse and who are required to be in compliance in order to work or volunteer in SPA are encouraged to contact the Executive Director of the Office of Child and Youth Protection (314-792-7271) to inquire about alternative educational materials.

Background Screenings

SELECTiON.COM is used by the Archdiocese to screen employees, volunteers, religious, priests and deacons. Screenings are done in order to review criminal history and an update is run every three months. The Archdiocese does not contact past employers or complete credit checks for Safe Environment purposes. Individuals must complete a worker registration form and have a background screening on file with the Archdiocese which is then applicable for all locations where they may work or volunteer. If a background screening is returned with findings related to a past offense allegedly committed by an employee, volunteer, religious, priest or deacon, the report is reviewed by appropriate Archdiocesan personnel to determine their eligibility to work with minors. Please note that when convicted of the offense of driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence, an individual is restricted from driving minors in a Church-related role for ten years from the date of the offense. If convicted of more than one DWI/DUI, an individual is permanently restricted from driving minors in a Church-related role. The form may be found here.

Code of Ethical Conduct

Employees, volunteers, religious, priests and deacons who work with or near minors must read the Code of Ethical Conduct for Clergy, Employees and Volunteers Working in Ministry and sign the Commitment to Ethical Conduct. Signatures must be in hard copy form or done electronically online. The form may be found here.

Any questions and all returned forms may be directed to Chris Hudson, 314-385-5090, in the parish office.

Sexual Abuse Prevention Training for Children & Youth—Safe Touch Curriculum

Students in Archdiocesan day schools and parish schools of religion (grades K-9) receive an age-appropriate curriculum annually. The Safe Touch curriculum has been approved by the Archdiocesan Child Safety Committee and was developed in part nership with professionals from various backgrounds including education, psychology and religious. The curriculum aims to teach children about healthy and appropriate boundaries, how to identify safe adults in whom they can confide, and teaches applicable steps they can take if they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. Parents or guardians are encouraged to view the curriculum in advance and reinforce key concepts at home. If a parent or guardian has concerns or objections about such material, these are to be addressed at the school and/or parish level, as appropriate. Child(ren) may be excused from the curriculum at the request of their parent or guardian. If the parent or guardian does request that their child be excused, they will be provided with the curriculum to teach at home. If a parent or guardian declines and chooses not to provide the curriculum at home, they will be asked to complete and sign the “opt out” form provided by the school. Should the parent or guardian decline to sign the “opt out” form this should be noted on the student’s form completed by the “lead teacher.” The Safe Touch Program for Children and Youth will
be coordinated and taught by a lead teacher designated by the principal or pastor and trained by Safe Environment Program staff.

Safe Environment Program for Student Employees & Volunteers

For the purposes of this Policy, students include anyone who has not turned 18 years old and/or who has turned 18 years old but has not graduated from high school or completed the equivalent education level.

Code of Ethical Conduct for Minors Volunteering  or Working with Younger Children

Young people who volunteer or work with or near minors as part of a high school service project or any other parish program or activity must sign the Code of Ethical Conduct for Minors Volunteering or Working with Younger Children. Parents or guardians must also sign this form and attest that the young person has nothing in his or her history that would prevent them from working with or near minors.

Minimum Age for Lead Chaperones for Events Involving Minors

For purposes of compliance, someone who is 18 years old and out of high school is considered an adult. However, when someone is serving as the lead chaperone for an event involving minors, he or she must be at least 21 years old, and his or her fitness must be determined by the SPA sponsoring the youth event