A hearty thank you to everyone who made this weekend’s Sponsor’s Dinner Dance & Auction such a success.  From the looks on everyone’s faces during the event I can tell you it was a huge success.  We are truly blessed to have such a caring and passionate community here at St. Ann’s.

Below is a video remix of photos taken at the auction as well as a link to view photos individually with the option to purchase a print of your favorite photos.  50% of the proceeds from purchased prints will go directly back to the St. Ann community.



View photos & purchase online here.

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I don’t know a single priest who likes to talk about money from the pulpit. Heck, I don’t even like to write about it. However, there are times when it is necessary to ask for your generous stewardship. And there are other times when I need to say a profound word of thanks to you all for responding so generously to the needs of our parish, our community and our Archdiocese.

If you are reading these words on Sunday morning, this year’s Sponsors Dinner Dance is now a wonderful memory. Thanks to all who worked so hard and for so many hours to make it possible. As you know, the Dinner Dance began as a way to help meet operating expenses for the parish. Then there was a period of time when it provided for bigger ‘wish list’ kind of items for the school and parish. With the slowing of the economy and the decline in birth rates and subsequent decline in school enrollment, these last years have found it returning to its original role – helping to meet the operational expenses of our school. (It does continue to provide some wonderful ‘wish list’ funds for the teachers and administration.) Your participation and support continue to make this a ‘night of nights’ for the parish community. Thanks for all the ways you (will) have been generous to our parish and school community.

We also continue the Archdiocesan Annual Catholic Appeal this weekend. You know how much it has done for the Newman Center and Fr. Vic’s deaf ministry in the past. Did you also know that this past year, the Appeal provided $1,400 for tuition subsidy for our grade school teachers to continue their study of the faith through St. Paul VI classes, $1,100 for Teachers professional growth fund, and $1,250 to parishioners through the Catholic Family Tuition Assistance program. Several engaged couples participated in the marriage preparation programs sponsored by the Office of Laity and Family Life – also made possible by funding from the ACA.

Finally, I am waiting for approval for our submitted budget from the Archdiocese for the coming school year before I can offer contracts to our teachers. I am hoping the approval comes long before you read this, but if not, keep that process in your prayers…

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Pastor’s Pen – March 14, 2010

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Of many things…

The painters are working in church even as I write this. Dave Marstall oversaw the caulking of some of the flashing where the water was seeping in on the east wing of the church, and that area has been dry for several months. The church roof has two small spots where we know water seeps in just a bit, one visible and the other not. Some well placed buckets easily contain those threats until we can add a little tar to the affected area above. The rest of the water spots in the main ceiling of the church came from tiny leaks in the horizontal drainage pipes that channel the water from the flat roof, out toward Natural Bridge and then down into the drainage pipes along side of church. Those are the spots that are being repainted today. Some well placed thick plastic sheeting should allow any further ‘drips’ to be contained until the water simply evaporates away. Thanks again to Dave Marstall for keeping up on the ongoing major maintenance areas in and around our parish plant.

I have seen George Schrader’s blue truck out in the cemetery already this season, a surer sign of spring than the return of the robins. George oversees a crew led by Bob Beckring, John Schulte, Pat Williams, David Ruth, Norm Jacobs and a few other volunteers who do a wonderful job keeping our cemetery in fabulous shape. Pat Williams was out the other day, top filling a plot as the earth ‘resettles’ from the grave opening. This group is always looking for additional help. Anyone who wishes to donate time and energy to cutting grass, trimming, picking up sticks, and general maintenance of the cemetery can contact Bob Beckring at their earliest convenience.

The Sponsor’s Dinner Dance committee is in full swing, soliciting Sponsors, lining up donations, sending out mailings and invitations, getting the raffle tickets out, etc. A huge thank you goes to Cheri Smith and Kay Dieckmann, the co-chairs for the event once again this year. And thanks to all the people who work closely with them on the various committees. We are gearing up for another wonderful and hopefully financially successful event on April 24th.

Finally, just a word of thanks to Sr. Celine who does such an amazing job keeping the church clean and the floors shining. Though she’ll say it is the wax she puts down that does the trick, I think it’s the praying she does while working that makes all the difference.

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