Post-Listening Session Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the survey?

Click on the button above! Or go here: scroll down the page to find the survey.

I didn't go to the listening session

That is ok! The information offered at the session is on the page with the survey link!

When is the survey available?

The survey closes December 31st!

What about schools?

School decisions will be announced in mid-January to allow time to prepare for the next school year.

What answers will help us "win?"

That is not really the point. Be honest in your answers. The goal is to think about what communities will work best together. The building, names, and details will be figured out later.

We wouldn't have to do this if we just______

Maybe, maybe not. You can offer your suggestion, but the answers that work with in the constraints we are currently facing are likely to be more helpful. 

What happens next?

The All Things New team will go through the tens of thousands of responses and go through another round of feedback with the priests and key parish leaders. Then another round before offering the options to the Archbishop, who will decide and share his decision on May 28th, 2022. School decisions will go into effect in August, and parish decisions will happen in a staggered way starting in the fall of 2023.