Pastor’s Pen – October 3, 2010

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Of many things…

I heard a comment by a parishioner who no longer has children in our school: “I sure wish I knew more of what was going on over in school.” We have a few solutions to that issue already in place. In the vestibule of church, on the left side of the glass doors as you face the interior of the church, we post the weekly parent newsletter that highlights that particular week’s activities and gives a head’s up to upcoming events. The same newsletter is available online at the school website: And if you ask for a copy, I am sure our staff can get one to you. Those are some simple ways that you can stay in touch with the wonderful things that are going on in our school.

Kudos to the all the Men’s Club Members for another wonderful Sprenke soccer tournament. I can’t begin to tell you the number of parents from other parishes who thanked me/the men’s club for a wonderful tournament and a wonderful time. “I can find you a house, if you would like” was my usual response, “because it is a great parish to live in…” (No takers, unfortunately.) Thanks especially to Pat Ebert, the chair of the tournament and Keith Leahy, his assistant, as well as their wonderful and patient spouses. Thanks to Matt Dooley who I saw on more than one occasion being the ‘bitter-ender’ – the one who stays around until EVERYTHING is done and all the lights are turned off and everything is locked up. Thanks to all who worked concessions, BBQ’ed kabobs, made taters, cooked beans, served food, recycled cans, cleaned up trash, marked fields, cut grass, refereed games, cheered teams, announced players, bought food, ate meals, etc,etc. etc… It remains my favorite month as pastor of this parish.

St. Ann received a $5,000 bequest by former parishioner and alumni Katy Sullivan. Her kindness in remembering this parish in her will is another way that a legacy of generosity continues in this parish. If you have not made out your will, (always a good thing to do, as it saves your spouse a TON of headaches should you precede them in death) I would ask that you consider naming St. Ann as one of the beneficiaries. It is another way that you can continue the good news of the gospel here in Normandy, Missouri, long after you are gone…

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