October 2010

Dear Faithful St. Ann Parishioners,

Thank you so much for your faithful stewardship and support of this mission and ministry called St. Ann parish. I do have good news to report regarding Fiscal Year 2010. (FY10) We were in the black, with a net gain of $29,708.41. That is always good news.

Let me just make a few comments about the numbers you see on the report.
(Click on the report image to view a larger version)

Our schools remain the largest ‘expense’ on our profit and loss statement. But they are one of the most important ministries we are involved in here at St. Ann. In a recent study, over 65% of students who attended a Catholic Grade school CONTINUE to attend mass in their college years and beyond. We are creating the future of the church by what we do here.

By way of comparison to last year’s financial report, our K-8 school was in the red to the tune of $280,851 in FY 09, compared with this year’s total of only 210,458. (a net decrease of ~ $70,000 in indebtedness.) Our Early Childhood Center (Pre-School) ran at about the same level of indebtedness as the year before. It was, however, the first year of trying the “all day option” for that school. This year’s higher enrolment should find the ECC becoming a more financially solid organization.

You will notice that the final total for the Sponsor’s dinner dance is lower than the ~$61K we announced to you. The Archdiocese has asked us to ‘code’ the ~$10K in “Teacher’s Wish List” funds collected as a “School Revenue” and not a “Dinner Dance” Revenue.

Finally, as a part of the fiscal transparency that every parish in the diocese is mandated to show, all of our parish organizations’ monies are reported on our financial report. Thus, SACPO, Men’s Club and St. Ann Scrip monies are what constitute the “Organizations Funds” category on our report.

Our current year’s budget (FY11) has us ending up with a net profit of just over $7,000. The finance council and our bookkeeper keep me informed of any trends that might be worrisome, but, at the moment, they tell me it is okay for me to sleep peacefully at night. Thank you so much for your support, and for all that you do for the good of our St. Ann community.


Fr. Bill Kempf

Pastor, St. Ann, Normandy

P.S. – If you have any questions about our FY 2010 year end report, feel free to contact me at your convenience…