A resource should you need it…

The good folk from St. Vincent Home for Children sent me the following information.  Hopefully, no one in our parish will ever find themselves in need of this service.  I do think it is wise to have a file of just such things at hand, should I ever need to refer someone.  So, for your file…

Families sometimes find themselves in difficult situations that can quickly spiral out of control.  Sadly, things can become so unstable and volatile that the family is in danger of facing removal of a child by the state, a child entering the juvenile justice system, or a parent wanting to voluntarily place their child in out-of-home care.  The goal of our Temporary Shelter Program is to prevent that family disruption from happening.

We will serve youth ages 12-18 from all parts of St. Louis County who are experiencing behaviors that have placed them at risk of entry into foster care and/or placement in the juvenile justice system.  The behaviors that have placed them at risk include property damage, assault, incorrigible behavior, aggression at home and/or school, poor school attendance or suspension from school, and posing a risk to family and/or siblings.

The youth we serve are experiencing difficulties at home, at school, or in the community.   Most of them exhibit severe academic and behavioral deficits in school, poor social skills and poor problem-solving skills.  We also will accept youth who have mental health diagnoses (treated with medication) that precipitate problems with verbal and physical aggression, difficulty with authority figures, problems complying with family rules, and a general lack of trust of adults.

The Temporary Shelter Program will provide up to 30 days in care on the campus of St. Vincent Home for Children…  The youth will be supervised around the clock, seven days a week by trained child care staff.

Treatment Services will be provided upon admission and continue for 90 days following discharge from the shelter.  These services will be provided by Masters level counselors under the supervision of a licensed therapist (LPC or LCSW).  Treatment services include:

Intake, Assessment & Treatment Planning, Individual and Family Counseling, Psycho-Educational Groups, Case Management, Resource Referrals, Collateral Contacts

Services are provided at NO COST to the family.  For more info, contact Connie Doty, MSW at: (314) 261-6011  ext. 176