Starting back up…

The floors have been refinished. New faculty have been hired. Familiar faces will be returning. The science lab is finally done. Two more MIMIO smart board/projector/laptop combo’s have been purchased. Faculty days of formation, retreat and planning are in process. Everything is gearing up for the beginning of the next year of grace and learning and formation at our beloved St. Ann School. Many thanks go to Mrs. Reichenbach for her hours of work this summer meeting with prospective parents and students. As always, (it seems) many thanks also go to Dave Marstall for coordinating all the needed repairs and improvements to our facility. All that is left is for the students to arrive (there is still room in most of the grade levels) and we’ll be off and running.

The same is true for the Newman Center. The new hire is in place. Her name is Rachelle Simon. A native of Sedelia, MO, she comes to us from Villanova University with a Masters in Counseling and two years as a graduate assistance in Campus Ministry, as well as an undergraduate degree from the Jesuits at Rockhurst. Our officer retreat/formation days are scheduled for Wed. and Thurs. of this week. Flyers have been printed, welcome materials prepared, and the ever present ‘color changing Newman Center cups’ are ready to welcome another year of life and love at the CNC.

In a slight schedule change, (please make note) our Sunday night masses will be held at 8:30 pm. instead of the 8pm of the past few years. This is to accommodate our musician who is now playing a 6pm Life Teen mass instead of the 5pm of previous years. All are still welcome to join us, beginning August 22.

Finally, the parish swings into another year of the unfolding of God’s grace and mercy and love. I have booked a ‘retreat’ for those who want to partake beginning March 27, 2011. Like the Busy Students’ Retreat on Campus, a team of directors will be on hand to meet with the retreatants for a half hour one-on-one each day. Retreatants commit to a half hour of prayer with scripture prior to their meeting with their director, at a mutually agreeable time. You can find out more at

In the mean time, we’re baaack!!