What better way to kick off the new liturgical year than by dedicating yourself to learning a little more about our Faith in a super simple way! The owners of Flocknote.com have offered two options for this year. The first is a repeat of last year’s offer: Read the Catechism in a Year (starting from the beginning). Go to flocknote.com/catechism to sign up. Secondly, Study the Gospels in a Year (using the Ignatius Study Bible commentary) by going to flocknote.com/gospel to sign up. Both of these services will send an email a day into your inbox. Both are free and life-changing. And also are great to do with a group of friends. Both will be kicking off anew during this first week of Advent.

Secondly, the Seminary will be hosting an Advent novena from December 4th through December 12. Each night begins at 7:00 p.m. and includes prayer, Scripture, a reflective homily and hymns led by the seminarian choir. All are invited for these nine evenings of prayer and worship as we prepare our hearts and minds for the joy and splendor of Christmas. For more information, please visit www.Kenrick.edu.

Finally, due to the generosity of Don Muckerman, Sr. and Celeste Gleason, the new additions to our church sound system have arrived. (Apologies to those at last Saturday’s 5pm mass. That issue has been corrected.) For those who need a little assist with their hearing, we have four devices that slip right over one ear that transmits everything coming through our speakers directly to your ear from a small, fist sized control unit that fits easily into a pocket or slips on a belt. And for those who have hearing units which allow you to plug in headphones, we have two ‘loops’ that you wear around your neck and act as receivers for your unit. Then you will hear directly through YOUR hearing aids what is being broadcast through the speakers. Because these are battery powered units, and we have only 6 total devices, we will need to pass them out and collect them each mass.

Currently they will reside in the sacristy, until I can install a secure ‘access box’ in a side closet or unused confessional, for distribution. (I am open to suggestions on how to best get these into your hands – or in this case, your ears.)