Of many things..

I received the following note from Sr. Lorraine Foster:

“On behalf of God’s thirsty children and their mothers, please accept my thanks for your generous collaboration with our mission. Your ‘fair trade market’ supplied the funds to equip 26 new Water Women for 2014. We can project that well over 200 children and their families will drink clean water for years to come, because of your kindness. May God bless all of you with abundant grace for your generosity.”

Sr. Lorraine Foster – Water with Blessings

Thanks from this pastor’s heart as well, for your commitment to making this world a better place.

Last weekend was one of many farewells (or, “until I see you again”) that I have had to do in my career as a campus minister. But this one impacts our St. Ann family as well. Amalie Cobb, who has been the female vocalist with Steven Brinkmeyer every other Sunday at the 11 a.m. mass since Advent, is leaving this week for Michigan. (And she is going there on purpose! “So it is not cold enough for you here this winter?) It is where she has discerned the next stage in her life needs to unfold. She has asked for our prayers and support as she relocates and strives to find gainful employment. I am grateful for the gift of her time and talent in encouraging the active participation of all of us in sacred song.

Lucy Ellermann, a Newman Center grad student in optometry, has agreed to assist Steven going forward. I know you will continue the fine tradition of praising God in song with your voices and hearts going forward.

This coming Lent, instead of an Archdiocesan penance weekend, with a few designated parish within each deanery as a central site for confessions, the decision was made to have each parish hold their own ‘confession marathon’ (my words, not theirs.) The window given was between March 21st and April 5th. So, I will gather some of my priest friends to help out with a parish penance service on Wednesday, April 2nd at 7pm. Please mark your calendar accordingly.

Finally, a public word of thanks to Gary Uthoff and Bob Reid, who have helped me keep the sidewalks and steps around church relatively snow free this winter. And to Dave Williams who brought his snow blower to help with the school and preschool sidewalks. What a blessing they are to us all!