Visitation Appeal – you folks are amazing…

From this grateful pastor’s heart, let me say THANK YOU for your generous response to our Annual Visitation appeal. Your needed generosity has bought us a little breathing room in our operating budget. Obviously, there are still challenges before us, the largest still being the declining enrollment in the population base for school aged children in this neighborhood. This appeal helps from the parish side of that equation. (In Ireland, during the ‘troubles’, the pastor would instruct his congregation: “Go out and MAKE the vote.” In this age, I don’t think I can tell you to go out and “make the school!”)

So, the totals for the Visitation Appeal aligned this way: $33,506 went directly to the Appeal and the parish coffers. In addition, two donors matched their giving through Boeing’s Matching Gifts program. That money goes directly to our St. Ann school. Their gifts, when matched, totaled an additional $4,200. So the total for the Appeal ended up at $37,706. What an amazing generosity from one and all. Thank you so much for your gifts which help us to weather this perfect storm of financial challenge with an even more perfect storm of generosity and love. YOU MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE in the lives of our school community.

I don’t know if I say it often enough, but I am so deeply grateful for this parish, for the opportunity to be a part of your lives and world, and for the grace to walk the journey of life with you these past 11 ½ years. You have made this my home. And for that, I can never thank you enough.

Though it is hard to wrap my mind around it, remote preparations for the Sponsor’s Dinner Dance in late April are beginning. As you know, Kay Dieckmann and Cheri Smith stepped down after many years of co-chairing the event. Nicki Island is beginning her time as chair, and like everyone who has chaired the event, is looking for good volunteers. We need them in all stages of the event, from planning to soliciting donations to set up, all the way through to clean up on Sunday morning. Hear this as your invitation: – We Need YOU! You may contact Nicki at: [email protected] or 314.604.0124 to volunteer.