Of Supreme Court decisions…

Ms. Reichenbach and I sent a letter home to all of our school families in light of the recent Missouri Supreme Court decision. I share it with you, the rest of our St. Ann community.

Dear St. Ann School Family,

You may be aware of the recent Missouri Supreme Court ruling regarding students transfers from the unaccredited Normandy School District to other public school districts in the St. Louis area. Today’s headline revealed more of the details unfolding in the decision. Normandy will provide transportation only to the Francis Howell School District, some 20 miles distant, in St. Charles County.

St. Ann Catholic School is proud to be a neighborhood school that offers your family so much more than any public school alternative including:
Small class sizes
Rigorous academic standards
Strong emphasis on faith and values
Award winning faculty and staff
A welcoming environment that is conducive to learning
Opportunities to be involved in and give back to the community where your child attends school

Perhaps like never before, we know that you have choices about where you will educate your children. St. Ann Catholic School has a 157 year history of forming and educating students for their roles in the church and the world. While we are hopeful for improved education-al opportunities for students in the Normandy School District because of the ruling and pray for their success, we also ask that if you know anyone who is interested in a local quality education with a proven track record, please have them contact us.

When all the factors are weighed, we are convinced that you will continue to support St. Ann Catholic School, a school that is truly ‘Alive in Christ’ – “where children are valued and values are taught.” If you have any questions, you may contact Ms. Reichenbach or Fr. Bill at your earliest convenience.

It is too early to know how this ruling will effect enrollment in our school. But I ‘believe in the product’ and am always happy for opportunities to advocate for our “beloved St. Ann.” And I thank YOU for your generous support of our mission to educate the next generation of believers…