Pastor’s Pen – July 6, 2014 | St. Ann Catholic Church | St. Louis, MO

The progress after one night of pulling wire…

I learned a lot of things that I did not know after one night of pulling wires in our St. Ann school. First and foremost is the “rule of knots.” Apparently, the long-er the distance that two or three pieces of cable run side by side, the greater the probability that they will tangle themselves into knots. We experienced firsthand how true that axiom is, as we found our-selves tied up with in a major way when trying to correct a path to our longest run.… I suspect there is a homily in there someplace – about lives and friend-ship and how things get tangled up despite our best efforts – but I will save that for another day…

The second truth about working with an old building is this – no matter how carefully you prepare, some-thing will throw a wrench into your plans. And whether that is plaster that pulls away when you are opening old wire molding, or accidentally cutting the wire that provides internet service to the rectory (major ooops) – you always find yourself needing to adapt and change to the changing situation. I suspect folks who are parents know this truth on a daily basis.

Finally, I once more discovered that people at St. Ann’s are incredibly generous with their time and talents. Thanks to the crew who helped with this part of the technology infrastructure rewiring project– Dan Klohr, Jim O’Donnell, Kenny Hundelt, Steve Dieckmann, David May, Jim Krueger, Gail Fike, Quang Van Dihn, Mike Marty, Mike Hubbard, Teresa Harris, Mel Hussmann, Don Davenport, and Kevin Kirchgessner (for bailing me out of cutting the wire to the rectory). More work to be done tonight, but we are making progress. (If I forgot anyone, I am sorry – there was a lot going on last night…)

On another subject:
Finally, do not forget to breathe a word of thanks to God for the favorable Supreme Court Decision in the Hobby Lobby case. As we end this third Fortnight for Freedom, I am ever more mindful of the need to protect this valuable gift of religious freedom, bought by the blood of the martyrs and the sacrifices of our veterans. Continue to pray for all those, especially of our parish, who serve our country’s freedoms in the military.