Always amazing…

Well, the totals (for all practical purposes) for the 2012 version of the Sponsor’s Dinner Dance are in.  Thanks to ALL of you for your amazing generosity, year in and year out.  Between the Sponsors and the Raffles and the Auction Items and the Reservations and the Bar, we raised ~$61,500.  What a gift that is to our parish community.  That is good news indeed.

There are just three items that the funding will help to cover this year:  A new computer lab and peripherals, new bathroom stalls and fixtures in the second floor of the school and a contribution toward the new boiler.  (More about that in the future…)  Thanks for allowing these major improvements to our school and parish community by your generous stewardship.  It makes this pastor’s heart glad.

Last year, through your generosity, and the time and talents of some amazing parishioners, we were able to renovate the front foyer/hallway in the school, upgrade the ground floor restroom, stalls and fixtures, purchase and install ceiling fans, refinish the floors in a few rooms, and pay for a full time teacher’s aide in the 5th grade.  In the parish, many of you have seen the renovation of the women’s bathroom.  The rave reviews are still coming in.  A former parishioner commented this morning (their first time back) on how incredible the women’s rest room looks.  Work on the men’s bathroom is slated for early June, with a mid-July completion date.

Mel Husmann did a little calculation of the man-hours that were given to this project (so far), and what it would have cost us just in LABOR if we had to include that in our renovation.  Fourteen parishioners and friends of St. Ann worked a total of roughly 255 hours on the project.  At normal ‘construction’ salary, that would be nearly $16,500 in additional costs to the project.  Thanks again to “the Crew” for all their time and work and energy on making our parish center hall the gem that it is.

We will be needing more volunteers to donate time and talent on the men’s restroom remodel.  If you are handy or if you just like to work and assist people who are, contact George Copp or Mel Hussmann, and we will be happy to use your gifts in ways that are helpful and needed.