Things unseen…

Most parishes have people who do the ‘unseen things’, like replacing light bulbs or cleaning out gutters or dusting in the sanctuary.  Though the effect of what these volunteers do is barely perceptible, the result makes a huge difference in the parish plant.  So I have a few kudos and words of thanks for some of our unseen heroes.

Thanks to Luke Engelmeyer who, over the course of two days, cleared the roadway into the cemetery of the dead branches and trunk of a rather large tree that the rains and wind took down.  (If you are in need of some fire wood, you may take any of the wood that is stacked along side the road there.  Better yet, bring a chain saw and have at the remainder of the trunk of the tree that sits off the road…)  Because of his work, Ameren-UE was able to get a truck back there to repair/replace the downed electrical line that provides power to our dusk to dawn light on the back part of the parking lot.

Thanks to Conrad Philipp Sr. and Bob Maixner for replacing several of the hard to get to burned out bulbs in the ceiling of the church.  It takes a very tall ladder and a very steady hand to get into those side ceiling fixtures.  The church is visibly brighter because of them.

And in perhaps the most unseen bit of work in a while, thanks to Al Horstdaniel for cleaning out the storm drains in our church parking lot storm water sewer system.  These are those little grates along the sidewalk between the church/rectory and school and the church and Post Office.  Over the course of the years, leaves and other debris accumulate inside, preventing the rainwater from being carried away underground.  This is only the second time in my ten and a half years of living here that this has happened.  (unless someone else was VERY unseen in the doing of this…)

If all goes as planned, by the time you are reading this, the updated electrical panels in the church will have been installed and be functional.  The timing seemed very good, as two more of the circuit breaker switches have ceased functioning.  Thanks to Tim Weir and AMF Electric for their always professional and excellent job at ‘church affordable’ prices.

Finally, a huge word of thanks to all our FISH FRY CREW!  ‘Nuff said…