Of many things…

If you remember, back in the fall, I forwarded information about the Children’s Education Initiative which provides assistance without raising taxes on any Missouri taxpayer; instead, taxpayers will be able to claim a tax credit for 50% of their donation to a “Children’s Education Foundation.” For example, if a person gives a $1,000 donation, he or she can receive a $500 tax credit. 50% of the funds so raised will go to public education, 40% to private education and 10% to Special Education. If sufficient signatures are obtained, this proposed constitutional amendment will be considered by voters at the November 2014 election.

This weekend, we are providing one more chance to sign the petition. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SIGNED THE PETITION, you do not need to resign. If you have not signed and wish to do so or have questions, ask any of the Knights of Columbus in the back of church.

Just a word of thanks to Kathy Dolson and the Boy Scouts who have helped to make our Fish Fries sustainable, as we learn the ins and outs of recycling and composting. This is an important step in the stewardship of our planet. Our children’s children’s children will thank us for being farsighted in our care of the wonderful green earth.

If anyone needs any wood (You’ll need to split it), there is a pile that has been sitting close to the fence line in the green space between the back parking lot and the cemetery. Please help yourself. (but do not drive your car/truck into the field, as the ground is more than a bit soggy.)

It is time to start thinking Sponsor’s Dinner Dance. If you are out shopping and see one of the ‘must have’ items at a bargain price, think about donating it to support our school and parish. Or if you have services to provide, or skills to share, or a one of a kind collectible that could be a part of our silent or oral auctions, now is the time to get those into the auction committee. And mark your calendar now, for the last Saturday in April’s 44th Annual Dinner Dance.