Of many things…

“They will be arriving on Saturday morning, May 31st,” said the voice on the other end of the phone. So for two months, Khanh Van Phan and Quang Van Dihn will be in residence here at St. Ann. Khanh (pronounced ‘Keen’) will be taking ESL classes up the street at UMSL. I am going to set Quang (I will get a pronunciation guide to you when I know it) loose on computerizing the cemetery records, which will be a huge blessing to us, in bringing order and organization to several books of records having to do with our St. Ann cemetery. I suspect I will also find some pastoral things for him to be involved in.

Secondly, I wanted to express my deep thanks and appreciation to Steven Brinkmeyer and Lucy Ellermann (accompanied by Barb Jackson) for assisting with our music ministry at the 11 am mass these past months. They prayerfully planned and rehearsed for each Sunday, and then gave back to God in praise and prayer the talents that God had given to them. For their prayerful witness and selfless dedication to this ministry, I am deeply grateful. This Sunday will be their last in that capacity.

Kate Garrett had a long conversation after the Easter vigil with one of our newest converts and her sponsor, and their friend. Carrie Walther has sung with Kate in the American Chamber Chorale. Elizabeth McKinney, who became Catholic last year, is a med student at Wash U, with a lovely voice. They agreed to form a group of cantors (and a small Schola on occasion) to work with a niece of Kate Garrett who will accompany them on the piano. And because of their music training, don’t be surprised if you hear a three part hymn during the preparation of the gifts or post communion. Just as I was grateful for the prayerful spirit that Steven and Lucy brought to our worship, I am excited for the possibilities that this combination will bring, as well as the connection to the University that this opens up going forward.

Finally, a word of thanks to Carol Giblin who quietly goes about her work of tending the flower gardens and pots, and ornamentals closest to the church and school. And to Walt and Jan Nelson and Kris LeBoeuf who tend the larger flower boundary along Natural Bridge Road. You make our church grounds and environment beautiful! Thanks for your labors of love.