Of many things…

By now, you have all received this year’s Visitation Drive appeal. As you may have noticed, my ‘ask’ is for twice the usual amount – to help defray the cost of the new boiler. Because of your wonderful stewardship to the weekly collection, the Dinner Dance and the Visitation Drive, I have not had to ask for money above and beyond these appeals since the installation of the new pipe organ and sound system in the church. But the need is real and your generosity is great, so I trust that you will do what is possible for you. I also know that people’s circumstances change from year to year. And that sometimes this time of year creates some ‘cash flow’ issues. So, if it is helpful, feel free to make a pledge – perhaps $50 a month for 4 months. Thanks for all you do to keep us on a sound financial footing.

I received a note from a parishioner after mass this weekend. With his permission, I share it with you.

“A few weeks ago, as I sat in church at the 8 a.m. mass, I was struck by the mystic silence that followed communion. Preceding the silence are the fading noises of people returning to their seats, servers put-ting ‘things’ back in place, and finally the priest sits, and, although it is only a short time before he rises again for the concluding prayer, it seems much longer – like ‘dead air’ on TV or on the radio.

During that ‘mystic’ moment I found myself sinking into a silence of my own, one that took me deeply within – a silence that seemed to transcend the physicality around me. I was focused on the Eucharist: What brand of bread could taste so sweet? What miniscule quantity could be so filling? Before I could answer myself, the sound of a baby’s cry jostled me back to reality.

As I drove home, I thought about the sound of that baby’s cry – the SOUND OF NEW LIFE! Of course! We are renewed in Christ through the Eucharist. It took a baby’s cry to remind me: the sacred noise that silence makes…”

I can only echo these sentiments. It was for me, the richest part of my retreat – the chance to be in the Chapel at the White House retreat in silence – no noise of traffic, hum of air handlers or sound of planes overhead. Just that ineffable silence in which my desire for God and His desire for me were able to be one. May we all know that Holy Silence in our lives…