Year of Faith top Ten continued…

As we continue the Year of Faith, here is the second part of the list of ten things Catholics can do to live this year of faith according to Bishop David Ricken of the USCCB.

6. Study the Catechism. Published exactly 30 years after the start of the Council, the Catechism of the Catholic Church covers the beliefs, moral teachings, prayer and sacraments of the Catholic Church in one volume. It’s a resource for growing in understanding of the faith. Another helpful resource is the U.S. Cath-olic Catechism for Adults (USCCA).
7. Volunteer in the parish. The Year of Faith can’t only be about study and reflection. The solid grounding of the Scriptures, the Council and the Catechism must translate into action. The parish is a great place to start, and each person’s gifts help build up the com-munity. People are welcome as ministers of hospitali-ty, liturgical musicians, lectors, catechists and in oth-er roles in parish life.
8. Help those in need. The Vatican urges Catholics to donate to charity and volunteer to help the poor dur-ing the Year of Faith. This means to personally en-counter Christ in the poor, marginalized and vulnera-ble. Helping others brings Catholics face-to-face with Christ and creates an example for the rest of the world.
9. Invite a friend to Mass. The Year of Faith may be global in its scope, focusing on a renewal of faith and evangelization for the whole Church, but real change occurs at the local level. A personal invitation can make all the difference to someone who has drifted from the faith or feels alienated from the Church. Eve-ryone knows people like this, so everyone can extend a loving welcome.
10. Incorporate the Beatitudes into daily life. The Be-atitudes (Matthew 5:3-12) provide a rich blueprint for Christian living. Their wisdom can help all to be more humble, patient, just, transparent, loving, forgiving and free. It’s precisely the example of lived faith needed to draw people to the Church in the year ahead.

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