147 and counting…

Figuring out enrollment at St. Ann school has always been an interesting exercise in hitting a moving target. At any given time last year, the enrollment varied between 152 to 157 students. A family would move taking 2 students with them. Another family would call bring-ing 3 new students. Another would pull out for financial reasons. Another would take their place. Ms. Reichenbach, Mrs. Hudson, Eileen and I could drive ourselves crazy trying to track it too closely. And I never completely trusted any number until after the Labor Day weekend when ALL the public schools are up and running.

That being said, at the moment, our enrollment is 147 and counting. Like every year, we have some families who pulled out for various reasons and some new families who enrolled in our school. We received Alive in Christ Scholarships for 28 students, helping parents to afford tuition. We have a large kindergarten class of 20 students. We lost more than I would have hoped to the education opportunities that the Missouri Supreme Court Ruling opened up for parents in failing school districts – 12 students in all. Some went to districts where a parent already works. Others went where the busses are providing the transportation. Yet others made their own choices about the best fit for their child. So that leaves us with our moving target baseline of 147 students, representing 121 families, all entrusting the education and formation of their children to our wonderful faculty and staff.

There was only one change to our staff in members, and two changes in ‘status’. Sue Bockstruck, the 8th grade homeroom teacher who stepped to the plate so wonder-fully when John Weidmann passed away, re-entered the retirement she left to give us a hand during these past 2 ½ transition years. Replacing her is Mrs. Jan McCausland, who comes to us most recently from St. Paul’s parish school in Fenton, and who has 30 years of teaching experience and 20 of those in our Archdiocesan school system. She is currently the 7th Grade Homeroom teacher and is teaching language arts to the up-per block.

Ms. Denise Siders, our 5th grade teacher married the man of her dreams this summer and is now known as Mrs. Denise Brickler. And Mrs. Renee Joiner gave birth to her newest addition, a healthy baby girl named Grace. Congrats to Renee and Denise and baby Grace! And welcome, one and all, to a new year of grace at our be-loved St. Ann School.