By invitation of Archbishop Carlson, at all the masses next weekend you will be given an opportunity to put your faith into action by joining the Missouri Catholic Conference Citizen’s Network.  The Missouri Catholic Conference is the official public policy agency for the Catholic Church in Missouri.  Its board of directors are the Catholic Bishops of Missouri.

The Missouri Catholic Conference is non-partisan.  It does not endorse or oppose candidates but focuses on issues and legislation.

Through the years, the Missouri Catholic Conference has had many successes, such as enacting a ban on partial birth abortions, expanding health care to the poor and passing a tough new law regulating triple X pornography stores.  But the Conference is only effective if Catholics participate in the MCC Citizen’s Network.  Participation in the network is free.  The MCC only asks that you try to respond to their action alerts by contacting legislators when key votes are pending in the Missouri General Assembly or Congress.

Through this network, Catholics work together to advance the common good by protecting the unborn, assisting the poor and promoting quality education for all school children.  Network members receive regular e-mail updates and alerts on pending issues and legislation.  The Missouri Catholic Conference puts network members in touch with their legislators when key votes are pending.

You will find enrolment forms at the end of the pews at all the masses next weekend.  Fill in those forms and drop them in the collection baskets over the next two Sundays.  You can register by text message – type MCC, your first and last name and email address.  Send your text message to 27126.

As Catholics, we are called to bring the light of Christ into the public square.  This is one very concrete way that you can do this.  As Pope John Paul II said:  Democracy needs virtue.  Democracy serves what is true and right when it safeguards the dignity of every human person, when it respects inviolable and inalienable rights, when it makes the common good the end and criteria regulating all public and social life.  Please prayerfully consider signing up next weekend…