Pastor’s Pen – May 2, 2010

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In good hands…

I continue to reflect on the tag line from the Allstate people and last Sunday’s homily: You’re in goods hands. I received a copy of an email sent to our youth Minister, Beth Buchek, written in response to her question about how the youth group did helping with the confirmation retreat.

“Beth, I just want to let you know that the Confirmation Retreat went VERY well, thanks to Lizzie Dulle, Theresa Reid, Anna Muckerman, Connor Mohan, and Philip Yoffie! Their talks were inspiring, their small group leadership was phenomenal and their interaction with the Confirmandi was faith-filled and fun! I couldn’t have done it without them! Please extend my sincere appreciation them.” She continued her praise in a side note to me. “They really were one of the best groups of youth leaders I have worked with on a Retreat Team. And you know I have worked with a lot of Retreat Teams. I was very impressed!” Thanks, too, to Mrs. Teresa Roberson-Mullins for her work on the retreat.

It is good to know that our Confirmandi and our Youth group have been held in good hands these days. And I ask that you continue to pray for them in the days leading up to May 10th…

I was also thinking back to our Lenten Friday Fellowship nights – also known as our Fish Fry night. They ran so smoothly that you hardly notice all the work behind them. Al Durand begins inspection of the equipment several weeks before Lent begins, reviews the previous year’s orders, lines up the volunteers, coordinates the fish fryers and clean up people, secures groups to bring deserts, lines up entertainment and… well, you get the picture. And though he never looks for applause for what he does, we have been in such good hands with Albert these many years. From all of us – THANKS!

As the morning sun was shining brightly during mass, reflecting off the highly polished floors of the church, I thought of the working hands of Sr. Celine Maasen, who is our cleaning guru for the church and parish center (and part of the school). She works so tirelessly to make the parish complex a welcoming place – neat, tidy, and all in order. And as an added bonus, she prays for us all as she works. What a gift those working and praying hands have been for us. THANKS from us all for keeping us in your good hands…

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